Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Download Balgandharva movie

     Great news!! Balgandharva movie is available on internet. I searched out for movie downloads and found some torrent links which actually works.. (I have checked Piratebay link)

Here are those Torrent links…

Approximate size: 700 MB

   I am not taking any responsibility for these links. I just put them on “As is” Basis. I would like to clarify that my pure intention behind this blog is to Make Gandharva Era more memorable on the pages of History. So spread the word about Balgandharva as possible as you can…

Keep visiting..

(Do comments if any of above link is not working or cracked...)


  1. Thanks Pranav, I hope you enjoyed my Balgandharva blog. My tribute to the legend

  2. Does lyrics of this available?
    If it is Yes so please tell me where I can get it?
    Please reply asap

  3. aye MC BC ..liar .. y do u lieabount the links.. i hope you die a real painful horrible death.


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