Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First anniversary of Balgandharva Movie

     Have you checked out Calender? I cant believe that 1st anniversary of film "Balgandharva: Sound of heaven" is coming near. Movie was released on 6th May 2011. With release of Balgandharva movie, fans like me came across legendary personality in Marathi theater. We experienced and enjoyed the Gandharva era on big screen.
It's time to say, "Thanks..."
     Friends, I have a plan for 1st anniversary of BG movie. Let us raise our mobiles and do something creative. I am planning to make video which will contain number of fan video clips. Each BG lover will say few words regarding Balgandharva movie. What you say on this? Do you have any other plan with you? Please share it or contact me personally. We will conduct it.

     Please contact me as early as possible. Otherwise, I am moving forward with my mind. Please be fast!! I am waiting.....

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