Monday, July 9, 2012

Blog will be closed

Know about me

     Hi all, this is my last post on this blog. After watching Marathi movie “Balgandharva – Sound of Heaven”, I was heavily impressed by Balgandharva’s life and their contribution to Indian Theater and indirectly to Indian Cinema. Later, I decided to start a blog on them. Genuine reason to start this blog is to make a platform to a every person over the world to get introduced with such great (but these days, we forgotten their greatness) personality.

     Initial days were heart touching and fantastic as I was getting huge response from Balgandharva Fans. I have tried my best to make this blog more and more interactive and informative. Your comments and likes on Facebook encouraged me to write more and more. I thank you all from bottom of my heart. According to stats page, We are loosing our readers.

 1. Meanwhile, I requested all readers to send their video to me so that we can make a video clip on Birthday of Balgandharva movie. Sadly, I received no single response.
2. Last few months, I was finding for topic to write on this place. Unfortunately, I found nothing great which can be shared with all of you.
3. Another reason is that I remain busy with my primary blog  So, Finally I have decided to close this blog. 

     I will be happy to get your feedback on this blog. Click here and send me your feedback. If you have any information and wish to share it with all then please mention that into feedback form. I will blog it if it is useful for all.

     At the end, I would like to share few of my creations related to Balgandharva.

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